Student Discount Network Program

At Hayden Charles Dental Care, we know and value the struggle of College / University life.  As Malcom X once said: Education is the passport to a better future…” And we are sure that, as you climb every step of the success ladder,  your achievements will be the trigger to a life full of smiles!  

We are here to make sure your smile shines on all of these moments.

At Hayden Charles Dental Care, we are part of the Student Discount Network Program, providing discounts on dental services to the students of the following schools. Click on the school you attend:

U of T                                               University of Guelph

 George Brown College                                              Seneca College

York University                                                Humber College

University of Waterloo                                                McMaster University - Full time students

 Ryerson University - Full time Students                                               OCAD University   

 CMCC                                               CCNM

 LAURIER                                                Sheridan College